Be Sure Your Brakes Are in Good Working Condition Before You Head out on Melbourne Roads

Without the brakes, the car cannot be driven. They are required to slow down and stop; and, without them, drivers are in an unsafe situation. Cash For Your Cars offers the following tips on how to check your brakes.

Firstly, typically before the brakes go bad, they have a way of alerting drivers that they need attention or to be replaced.

Here are a few ways to check your brakes to determine if they are failing.

Listen to the sound of the Brakes – The brake pads are designed so that they will make a “noise” when they begin to fail, i.e., need replacement. The sound typically sounds like metal on metal, or metal scraping the wheels when the car is in motion, and louder when the brakes are applied. The brakes will need an inspection by a mechanic; and, if they do not need replacement, it may be that they require adjustments or repairs.

Look at the Wheels – There are normal wear signs, and signs that your brakes are bad. One sign of normal wear is an accumulation of brake dust in the wheel. A sign that the brake pads are bad is that the accumulation of brake dust is reduced or gone. If the dust is there at one check and seems to be gone at another, then it is likely time to replace the pads.

Observe the Brake Pad – The design of many cars is a brake pad that shows the wheels of the car. If you can see the brake pad through the wheel of your car look to see its thickness. If the pad is less than ¼ inch, it is most likely time to replace the pad. Look to see if the design of the pads includes a slot in the centre of that pad that is there to serve as a wear indicator. If the slot is barely noticeable, or you can see that it was once there and no longer there, it is time to replace the pads.

Pay Attention to the Feel of the Brakes and Steering Wheel – When you have brake pads that are worn out there is often a vibration in the pedal when you press on the brake. Another sign is that the steering wheel of the car will vibrate. If either exists, have your car checked by your local mechanic, explaining the issue and asking that he inspect the brakes.

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